The British media found out about another accident involving Prince Philip. It happened 55 years ago

The British media found out about another accident involving Prince Philip. It happened 55 years ago

It turned out that Prince Philip had an accident in 1964, when carried Queen Elizabeth II on one of the British villages. British tabloids have published archival footage.

The husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip became the main newsmaker of the British Royal family once got in a major accident near Royal Sandringham in Norfolk. His Land Rover crashed into a Kia passenger car and overturned, but the Prince himself was not injured.

But only one accident did not stop: two days later, paparazzi captured the wife of Queen Elizabeth II behind the wheel, and he was not wearing a seat belt.

Prince Phillip has been warned for driving without a seat belt just days after he was involved in a crash. #CapitalReports

— CapitalSWales News (@capitalswanews) 20 Jan 2019

Pictures was much discussion on social media and even spawned memes. Some users have added the Prince of the blindfold, like he’s driving blind — as in the film “Bird box”.

? COMING SOON ?#Birdbox 2
Starring Prince Philip…

— Olivia’s Opinion (@olivias_opinion) 18 Jan 2019

URGENT: Prince Harry arrived at the police station to assist in the investigation.

BREAKING: Prince Philip arrives at police station to assist with investigation.

— Have I Got News For You (@haveigotnews) January 21, 2019

#PrincePhilip be like ?

— longdongsilver (@hardmeat247) 20 Jan 2019

A week later, the incident continues to be discussed in the British press. So, the tabloid The Sun got archival survey, 1964, made after another accident involving the Prince.

The consequences of the accident with the participation of Prince Philip:

Prince Philip car crash footage emerges from 1964 while the duke was driving Queen

— Mirror Royal (@MirrorRoyal) 25 Jan 2019

Prince Philip was driving, and drove Elizabeth II through Heliport in the County of Berkshire. According to the party of the accident, he saw him rushing to the car, tried to Dodge, but to avoid collision could not. The man said that after the accident the Duke of Edinburgh came to him and asked how he. Making sure that everything is in order, the Prince returned to the Queen.

It was this time last week that the Duke of Edinburgh, and 3 others, escaped serious injury in that car crash Sandringham.
Our staff just unearthed this story from the @itvnews archive.
A 1964 crash when Prince Philip was driving the Queen in Berkshire. A fascinating watch ??

— Chris Ship (@chrisshipitv) 24 Jan 2019.

We also found out that cars Land Rover, owned by Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the request has been disabled the seat belt warning.

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