It became known about sending of Russian mercenaries to the aid of Maduro

It became known about sending of Russian mercenaries to the aid of Maduro

To protect the elected President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro arrived in the country Russian mercenaries from private military companies (PMCs). About it reports Reuters, citing sources familiar with the situation.


Profit if the Russian mercenaries in Venezuela after the start of the protests, or they are in the country for some time, sources said.

The Agency also refers to Eugene Shabaeva, known as the head of the Committee of the all-Russian officers ‘ Assembly, and declare plans to sue the organizers of the PMC. He argues that the country may be about 400 Russian mercenaries. Other sources have reported small groups.

According to sources Reuters, arrived in Venezuela mercenaries closely linked to PMC Wagner, whose members “secretly fought in the interests of Russia in Syria and Ukraine.”

Mass protests began in Venezuela on January 23. During a rally in Caracas the speaker of Parliament and opposition leader Juan Guido proclaimed himself interim President, expressed support for the armed forces and intent to hold new, free elections. His authority was acknowledged by the President of the United States Donald trump, as well as the authorities of Argentina, Canada, Peru, Colombia and other countries. Russia and China supported the elected President Nicolas Maduro.