Four countries of the European Union has approved the recognition of Guido interim President of Venezuela

Four countries of the European Union has approved the recognition of Guido interim President of Venezuela

TASS, January 26. The authorities of Spain, France, Germany and the UK has said that it will take such a decision, if the President of the Republic Nicolas Maduro did not announce elections within eight days.


The authorities of Spain, France, Germany and the UK recognize Juan, Guido, leader of the Venezuelan opposition, the interim head of state, if Nicolas Maduro for eight days announce the holding of elections.

“If within eight days will be the announcement of elections, Spain recognizes, Guido [interim] President of Venezuela”.Pedro Inespecially of the government of Spain

According to him, the leader of the Venezuelan opposition needs to lead the transition period in the country. Sanchez added that Madrid “from Wednesday working to come to a common position in the EU” on the situation in the Republic.

Prime Minister of Spain thinks that Venezuela “has long been experiencing a political, democratic, economic and humanitarian crisis.” “Spain will always be with Venezuela, with a Libero-American community,” added Sanchez. “We do not strive to put or remove the government, we want democracy and free elections in Venezuela,” said the Prime Minister.

The Statement Of Paris

In turn, the President of France Emmanuel Makron wrote on Twitter: “the Venezuelan people should be free to determine their own future. If election is not announced within eight days, we will be ready to accept Guide “interim President” to start a political process”.

El pueblo venezolano debe poder decidir libremente su futuro. Sin elecciones anunciadas en 8 días, podriamos reconocer a @jguaido como “Presidente encargado” de Venezuela para implementar above proceso político. Trabajamos conjuntamente con nuestros aliados europeos.

— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) 26 Jan 2019

Macron added that France is working with its European partners on this issue.

Statement Berlin

“The Venezuelan people should be free and in security to decide their future, — said the representative of the Cabinet of Germany Martin Fitz on Twitter. — If within eight days will be announced to hold the elections, we will be ready to recognize Juan, Guido interim President who will start a political process.”

Das Volk muss frei Venezuelas u. in Sicherheit über seine Zukunft entscheiden können. Werden nicht binnen Tagen angekündigt 8 Wahlen, sind wir bereit, als Juan Guaidó Interimspräsidenten anzuerkennen, der einen solchen polit. Prozess einleitet; arbeiten eng mit europ. Partnern.

— Martina Fietz (@m_fietz) 26 Jan 2019

Fitz noted that the German authorities “work closely with European partners,” in regard to the settlement of the crisis in Venezuela.

The Statement Of London

“After the ban [to participate in elections for opposition candidates, stuffing of fake ballot papers and of the numerous irregularities reported serious flaws in the elections is quite clear that nicolás Maduro is not the legitimate leader of Venezuela, said in a statement the head of the British foreign Minister Jeremy hunt on Twitter. — Juan, Guido — the man who should be leading Venezuela forward. If within eight days will not be carried out for new and fair elections, the United Kingdom recognizes it as the interim President, who should promote the political process towards democracy. For the suffering people of Venezuela it is time to start life anew.”

2/2 @jguaido is the right person to take Venezuela forward. If there are not fresh & fair elections announced within 8 days UK will recognise him as interim President to take forward the political process towards democracy. Time for a new start for the suffering ppl of Venezuela

— Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt) January 26, 2019.

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