A new study says tequila helps you lose weight (long live science!)

A new study says tequila helps you lose weight (long live science!)

Another excuse you, man, we are for you.

While it is widely known that drinking you can gain weight, a new study finds feedback: between tequila and weight loss. This is huge news for fans of the drink — and for those who plan ever to drink it.

According to the American chemical society, which investigated the effect of tequila on the level of blood glucose in the last year, the sugar contained in the plant that makes tequila, may help to reduce blood sugar levels.

Sugar that is naturally found in the agave plant, called againa it should not be confused with agave syrup — and it is not digested, and therefore does not increase the sugar level in the blood.

In the study, researchers found that the mice that were given standard diet and then water with the addition of ahaview ultimately ate less overall and had lower blood sugar levels than others who againi not used.

Moreover, mice consuming againi also produce the hormone GLP-1 that keeps the stomach and produces insulin, which causes researchers to believe that agavin can be useful for people with type 2 diabetes or to fight weight loss problems.

No, we are not saying that you should now Bang the shot of tequila and didn’t finish until the end of his days, but at least, now that you know more drink.

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