Women after 30 do not need money? Elena Pisarev said Business FM that her words were taken out of context

Women after 30 do not need money? Elena Pisarev said Business FM that her words were taken out of context

Earlier it was reported that the authorities of Great Nowogrod restricted payments for the first child: women under 29 years of age will not be able to expect to pay 100 thousand rubles.

In Veliky Novgorod regional legislative Assembly has restricted payments for the first child, age of mothers and 29. Those who are older, on new payments to 100 thousand roubles to rely can’t.

As explained by the Chairman of the regional Duma of Veliky Novgorod Elena Pisareva, “after 30 years, the woman understands that her money is no longer needed, and the necessary child, whom she will love”.

In an interview with Business FM Elena Pisarev admitted that she does not understand the negative reaction of journalists who, she said, arguing semantics instead rejoice in the emergence of a new allowance in the region:

These words, taken out of context. We speak here about helping families to 29 years, and all the rest we reply: Yes, you must, Yes, you need to have, but for these moms, women, who after 30 or above, the most important thing — to become a happy mother.Elena Pisarev, the Chairman of the Novgorod regional Duma

“And the state Novgorod oblast kind of assistance can all be provided. Now focus on those 67% who we want to help. All the others we will consider in the future. Everyone needs money and 30, and 40 years. A new measure of social support of these families on the territory of the Novgorod region, and now we’re going progressively to encourage the birth of the firstborn it is here, with us. A woman and 29 years old — who is this? Let’s sensibly determine that a student is a person who starts a new professional path, it’s the person who needs improvement of living conditions. When she gives birth to the baby, she, of course, waiting for help from the state that this kid lived in good houses, flats. Accordingly, this small support, and would like more. The fact that more than 30 and after is such a great happiness, when a woman possessed a great sense of motherhood. For women after 30 years it’s the money, not the money, conditions — the most important thing to a baby, which she loves and which really has lead of life, and will experience a huge sense of motherhood”.

According to the newspaper “Novgorod.PY”, 100 thousand rubles can be obtained immediately after the birth of a child, and when he turns a year and a half. Along with a new payment for women until 29 years old this year in the region has canceled a payment of 200 thousand rubles on the occasion of the birth of her third child.