Who is Juan Guido, self-proclaimed President of Venezuela?

Who is Juan Guido, self-proclaimed President of Venezuela?

Until yesterday, Juan, Guido few knew. 35-year-old politician declared himself acting President of Venezuela and has already enlisted the support of the White house and many governments in Latin America.


The leader of the opposition of the Venezuelan Parliament — the National Assembly — he was, in fact, an accident, 5 Jan. Just because the authorities arrested several key figures in his party “people’s will” (Voluntad Popular) and according to the party lists, it was his turn.

A week later, Guido for some time detained by agents of the Venezuelan secret services SABIN because he questioned the legitimacy of Maduro as President of Venezuela and has threatened to use their constitutional right to take power into their own hands until the next election.

Which he did on January 23.

“Venezuela! Before God Almighty I swear to formally adopt the powers of the National Executive authority as the President in charge of Venezuela, to stop the usurpation of power, the transitional government and organizing free elections,” he said to the crowd.

But who is he, Juan, Guido?

The young politician

Guide born into a large family in the Venezuelan city of La Guaira, capital of Vargas state on the Caribbean coast. He studied at the Catholic University Andres Bello (UCAB) and received a master’s degree in public administration.

The father of the future policy was a pilot, mother a teacher.

As a teenager, Guido survived the largest natural disaster in Venezuela in the last half century: landslides and mudslides in December 1999, which killed 10 to 30 thousand people.