“This is not the first attempt of the opposition to put the regime on its knees”

“This is not the first attempt of the opposition to put the regime on its knees”

Foreign media reports on the coup attempt in Venezuela.


On Wednesday, the Chairman of the opposition-controlled National Assembly of Venezuela Juan Guido declared himself acting President of the country and called for elections. The statement was preceded by a wave of protests, which intensified in Venezuela this week. USA, Canada and part of the South American countries have already recognized Mr. Guido interim leader of the country. In turn, the acting President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has accused Washington of organizing a coup attempt and announced the expulsion of U.S. diplomats. How foreign media reacted to the events in the collection “b”.

Folha de S. Paulo (são Paulo, Brazil)

After the US, Brazil and other countries recognized the new government of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro tries to convince people that he was the victim of a world conspiracy. This mantra is tired as well as holes in the economy and democracy left by the authoritarian regime. Although the Americans chose an offensive rhetoric (and stupid Brazil supported it), the protesters who took to the streets on Wednesday, not received from the White house big Macs to demand the overthrow of Maduro. International movement against the current regime helped to strengthen the protests, supporting Guido Huang, who declared himself President. Maduro has lost power, but launched a counterattack in order to test the strength of anti-American rhetoric.

The dictator is trying to take advantage of the fact that he was elevated to the rank of the villain. Turning his struggle for power in the business global, Maduro follows the language that impressed the military and the nationalists. However, these speeches, of course, cannot prevent the decline of the economy and democratic institutions.El Tiempo (Bogota, Colombia)

On Wednesday in Bogota, about 2 thousand citizens of Venezuela, passing through the streets of the city, gathered at the Embassy of the country to Express support for the head of the National Assembly Juan, Guido and to encourage him to form a new government and holding elections. The President of Colombia, Ivan Duque was one of the first to recognize Juan, Guido acting President. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Colombia in his statement, indicated that it fully supported the head of the National Assembly “in accordance with constitutional norms and in opposition to the illegitimate regime of Nicolas Maduro”.

NewsThe Bell: the Russian Authorities have developed a plan for the withdrawal of Venezuela from the economic кризисаEl Economista (Mexico city, Mexico)

The representative of the government stated that Mexico still considers Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, despite the fact that the US and several countries in Latin America acknowledged Juan, Guido.

The new government of Mexico, which came to power in December, has stated that it will not interfere in the internal Affairs of Venezuela prefers to keep its diplomatic channels open with Caracas, to help in resolving the political crisis in that country.

Critica (Panama, Panama)

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Panama agreed with the statement “Lima”, which includes Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Peru and Honduras, for recognition and support of Juan, Guido.

NewsRussian interests in Venezuela

Countries support the beginning of democratic transformations in Venezuela under the Constitution of this country, calling for new elections in the shortest possible time with the participation of all political actors and international standards necessary for the democratic process.

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, USA)

When the crowd of Venezuelans took to the streets against their government, the administration trump took the unusual and provocative step, recognizing the legitimate head of Venezuela’s opposition leader. Such a sharp escalation took place against the background of the efforts of the administration to trump the injection pressure on the socialist government of Maduro, which she accused of mass human rights violations, drug trafficking and many other crimes. Washington has already made the black list of 70 high-ranking Venezuelan officials and imposed sanctions on some types of exports.