The speaker of the Novgorod Duma explained the phrase of social payments to mothers after 30 years

The speaker of the Novgorod Duma explained the phrase of social payments to mothers after 30 years

St. PETERSBURG, 24 Jan — RIA Novosti. The speaker of the Novgorod regional Duma adopted a regional law on payments for the first child women aged up to 29 years inclusive, Elena Pisarev has told RIA Novosti that its resonant statement that women over that age is more important than the birth of the first child than to get paid for it, taken out of context.

Deputies of the Novgorod regional Duma on Wednesday adopted a law that provides for payment in the amount of 100 thousand rubles to mothers with a first child under the age of 29 years inclusive. These funds can be spent on the home purchase or on mortgage payments for its purchase. Under the law get parents of children born after January 1, 2019.

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The speaker of the regional Parliament, commenting on the age requirement, expressed the view that women are older need to pay for the first child in less than young mothers. “We make the highest (bar) — not 24, and 29 years, and, of course, aware that the woman over 30, probably, no money is not needed, because, really, the woman is consciously on the move” she said in an interview with reporters, whose stories published on the website of the regional Duma.

Pisarev added that women who have children after 30 years, “the toddler they will love” is more important than money. This statement has caused a wide public resonance in the media and social networks, as some users took it as a statement that the inhabitant of the Novgorod region, have given birth to their first child after 30 years, do not need government support.

Money is necessary always and all. Here, the phrase taken out of context, when it is said that for women 30 years and older… most important is the kid who is born in the family. And, perhaps, the woman is not looking for money, and… says I don’t need anything, but there was a child that I can give mother’s love and experience the great happiness of motherhood.

According to her, for support in including this population in the Novgorod region there is a program of targeted social assistance, which provides assistance to families in difficult situations.

“And this wonderful law (the regional Duma) — the first swallow in our Novgorod region, which provides assistance to families in which was born the first child… It is very light, good initiative, which unfortunately, some people who don’t want to see positive, somewhat warped. But most importantly, it aims to stimulate the birth of our children on the Novgorod land,” said Pisarev.