The best the huge black hole devouring our galaxy

The best the huge black hole devouring our galaxy

The researchers got the best the black hole in history. It managed to capture the image of Sagittarius A* — the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, the milky Way.

By itself, a black hole absorbs light so that to see her is almost impossible. However, the center of the galaxy (where lies the black hole) is full of matter which acts as a kind of frosted glass. According to Eduardo Rosa from the max Planck Institute, so scientists were able to detect the black hole itself.

The resolution of the new picture is twice the resolution of previous, related study was published in the Astrophysical Journal. The researchers used 13 powerful telescopes around the world to capture images and teased its forthcoming publication from the beginning of January.

According to New Scientist, astrophysicists have speculated that inside such a huge black hole will flow a real powerful stream of matter and radiation. Surprisingly, they didn’t find. The reasons could be several, but the most probable is that the thread is simply directed towards the observer from the Earth, but because its shape is indistinguishable. However, in fact, no flow may not be.

Should we be afraid of the monstrous funnel, drawn into a black hole? ROS says that if it exists, then its length will be 1,000 times shorter than the distance to the hole, so there is nothing to fear.