In the Crimea rejected the requirements of the PACE on the Kerch Strait

In the Crimea rejected the requirements of the PACE on the Kerch Strait

SIMFEROPOL, January 25 — RIA Novosti. The requirements of the PACE to liberate Ukrainian military detained after the provocation in the Kerch Strait, illogical. This statement was made Chairman of the Committee of the regional Parliament for interethnic relations Yuri HEMPEL.


On the eve of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution which called on Moscow to “immediately release the Ukrainian military and provide them with medical care and the necessary legal and consular assistance in accordance with the applicable provisions of international humanitarian law, in particular the Geneva conventions.”

“Any citizen, violating the borders of the Russian Federation, of course, must answer to the law. There is a consequence would be a court decision. Russia today is acting solely according to the requirement of international and national legislation”, — told RIA Novosti HEMPEL.

According to him, the West has become the norm to discriminate against the actions of Russia, not while delving into the essence of things.

“In order to assess the situation, or at least approached these issues should, of course, to come to Crimea and see what they say here. Come take a look, Crimea is open to all,” — said HEMPEL.