“Any recognition of the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela is not out of the question”

“Any recognition of the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela is not out of the question”

Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Vladimir Zaemskiy, of the development of the crisis in the Bolivarian Republic.


Venezuela continues to live in conditions of dual power. The head of the National Assembly Juan Guido, proclaimed himself acting President, spoke about the possibility of Amnesty Nicolas Maduro and his associates. Meanwhile, President Maduro assured that he will not leave his post before the expiry of the deadline laid him in 2025. The conflict continues at the international level: while the US, Britain, Canada and several countries in Latin America supported Juan, Guido, Russian President Vladimir Putin called Nicolas Maduro to personally “Express support for the legitimate authorities of Venezuela”. What can cause “unprecedented intervention from Washington” in the case of Venezuela, if any of the local opposition “sensible policy”, and whether to fear for the future of Russian investments, the correspondent of “Kommersant” Pavel Tarasenko said Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Vladimir Zaemsky.

— In your opinion, how will the situation in Venezuela?

— Your response I would like to start with the fact that the assessment of the situation in Venezuela, whether its Genesis or prospects, it is inappropriate to apply a black-and-white approach and especially it is impossible to assign winners and losers in this confrontation. Unfortunately, despite the repeatedly stated (including on our part) cautions, the situation in Venezuela is developing in the most adverse scenario aimed at destabilizing the internal political situation and a radicalization of the confrontation between chavistas and the opposition.

Russia, as before, insists that the internal problems of the country should be solved by Venezuelans without destructive interference.

— Is it possible in theory, the recognition by Russia of Juan, Guido acting President of the country and, if so, under what conditions?

— Let me remind you that in accordance with the decision of the Supreme court of Venezuela, the national Assembly (led by Juan Guido Parliament.— “B”) has the status of an unauthorized body, and all its rulings have the status of “insignificant”. In addition, article 233 of the 1999 Constitution, referred to by the opposition, demanding the transfer of Executive power Acessable, there is no concept of “usurpation of power” by the President, what they even stipulated in the recently adopted resolutions of Natassembly.

Thus, the proclamation of Juan, Guido acting head of state is absolutely contrary to the letter and spirit of the Basic law.NewsWho is Juan Guido, self-proclaimed President of Venezuela?

Also let me remind you that Russia recognized the results held on 20 may 2018 presidential elections and sent an official representative to the inauguration of Nicolas Maduro on 10 January this year, when he assumed the new presidential term. So any recognition of the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela is not out of the question.

— How can you explain the reasoning of more than a dozen countries already recognize Juan, Guido Venezuelan leader?

— Instant recognition of Huang Guido President of the United States Donald trump fits into the overall policy of Washington towards Venezuela as well as evidence that the White house knew in advance that Juan Guido will declare himself interim President. And possibly pushed him to this step. This is supported and available at the Embassy the information about what Juan Guido, who were placed under pressure and on the eve of his election as President of the National Assembly on 5 January, and on the day of inauguration of the President Nicolas Maduro on 10 January this year, until the last moment refrained from doing so. But in the end, apparently, could not resist external pressure. Believe that followed the U.S. example in the country only contribute to this destructive line, blindly following in the footsteps of Washington.

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— The Russian foreign Ministry has repeatedly said about the US intervention in the processes in Venezuela. How exactly is this happening? Involved, in your opinion, Washington to start and continue in the country mass demonstrations?

— We are witnessing an unprecedented intervention from Washington in the internal Affairs of Venezuela. Almost daily from the leadership of the US, there are critical statements and direct threats to the Bolivarian government, open calls for armed forces to disobedience to the authorities, hints at the possibility of using all means of pressure on the administration of Nicolas Maduro until the military intervention. This is also evidenced by the recent ultimatum from Washington, addressed to President Maduro: either to cede power or to resist all forms of influence from the USA.

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With regard to the mass demonstrations of the opposition, why is the media behind the scenes is no less a mass rally in support of Nicolas Maduro, held in Caracas and other cities on the same day, 23 January. There is a lot of unhappy difficult economic situation, there are oppositional people. The existence of Juan, Guido most of them didn’t even know existed until 5 January, when he became Chairman of Parliament. However, the creation, not without foreign aid, visibility of the real power contributed to the consolidation around it figures representing the various sectors of the opposition.

Earlier, before the start of such an acute phase of the crisis, attempts were made to establish a dialogue between the government and the opposition. But they’ve always failed. Who is to blame?