And water are: why are rivers in the cities full of drugs

And water are: why are rivers in the cities full of drugs

The researchers found cocaine in the Thames. Nothing surprising in this — the situation is similar in other cities.

British media published the shocking results of the chemical studies that revealed a major concentration of cocaine in the Thames. Changes in the composition of the water have a significant impact on the behavior of river inhabitants. Meanwhile, the penetration of drugs and their components in water, soil, flora and fauna, scientists say for years. What environmental disasters may lead to unbridled human lust for pleasure, to understand “news”.Island in the dope

Today, chemists and biologists from around the world, making forecasts on how it may change the nature and diversity of its inhabitants in connection with environmental pollution drugs. In the context of such research, experts from the Royal College of London analysed samples of waste water during heavy rainfall.

Hyperactivity acne, those that still are found in the Thames, was the result of the presence in the main river of London of cocaine.

Scientists have measured the amount of drugs in water for 24 hours. It is noteworthy that the time of day there was almost no effect on the concentration of illegal drugs. In other words, the London, like most cities, never sleeps, and drug addicts along with it, the chemists. Substances in sewage flows, along with their urine, say scientists.

Treatment plants can filter the water and reduce the concentration of the drug in the sewers, but during abundant precipitation part of the raw water inevitably flows into the main water artery of the British capital, caused an increased level of “anesthesia” of the Thames.


Even during the period of research, scientists have found a connection between hyperactive behavior of the acne and the presence in water of drugs. Biochemists believe that the fish susceptible to drugs far more people. Colleagues from the British University of Naples Federico II, previously seen this species in water with a small amount of cocaine was found out that eels are not only to behave actively, the stuff they have accumulated in the brain, muscles, gills and skin, writes Independent.

It should be clarified that the Italians still used in their experiment, a much greater amount of cocaine than found in a British river.

However, we cannot ignore another source of excitation of the fish, according to scientists, the caffeine, the concentration of which in the waste water was just outrageous.

By the way, the eel in the Thames is on the verge of extinction.

Nevertheless, not caffeine is the main threat to the bio-organisms, and drugs so-called group A. According to the British classification of drugs and hard drugs, the band And the most dangerous to human health include heroin, cocaine, methadone, LSD, amphetamine-type substances and other “heavy” drugs.

London in terms of drug trafficking has gained notoriety over the past few years. According to independent research center Global Survey of Drag, with the development of instant messengers, and other anonymous means of communication has reduced the delivery time of medicines and drugs to the recipients more than ever in British history. Experts stated that in London the delivery of cocaine is faster than pizza delivery.

In addition to the extinction of eels, environmental care and human health. For the first time about traces of drugs in London’s water supply began five years ago. Then the researchers assured the public that the presence is negligible and poses no threat. Nevertheless, the examination became an occasion to reflect on the consumption of cocaine in the Kingdom. According to statistics, in 2014 the drug daily took 180 thousand people, and another 700 thousand did it from time to time. The traces found in all the studied banknotes, in the toilet cubicles of the house of Commons and in most educational institutions.

If only the Thames

Europe and Asia by actively supplying cocaine dealers from Central and South America. Colombia has become a leader in the production of luxury drug, the volume of shipments in 2016 reached its maximum of 1410 tonnes, says the report of the office on drugs and crime UN. Interestingly, significantly increased the demand for drugs in Asia and Africa. That is a rapid growth of production of all types of drugs — a distinctive feature of modernity. Tasaciones amounts of potent substances are unable to disappear on the planet, even having to filter through the human kidneys and liver.