The DNA test refuted the theory about the DoppelgangeR Hitler’s Deputy

The DNA test refuted the theory about the DoppelgangeR Hitler’s Deputy

The researchers compared the genetic information of the “prisoner number seven” Spandau prison and relatives closest ally of Hitler Rudolf Hess. It is possible to eliminate the hypothesis of the double Nazi leader allegedly replaced in 1941.

The results were published in Forensic Science International: Genetics.

Rudolf Hess was one of the closest to Adolf Hitler people in the leadership of Nazi Germany. From 1933 to 1941, he was appointed Deputy Fuhrer, and in fact was the second man in the National socialist German workers ‘ party. In 1939, the führer has appointed Rudolf Hess his second successor after Hermann Goering. In 1941 he made a solo flight from Germany to Britain, landed in Scotland, but was captured by the military. Then he was one of the defendants of the Nuremberg trials and died in Spandau prison in 1987.

The last 70 years, there is a conspiracy theory that caught the military in 1941, the man was not really Hess: either the Nazis sent the double, or the British themselves used a similar person.

In this theory believed, including many prominent politicians, such as Franklin Roosevelt. Cremation of the body of “prisoner number seven” as he called Hess in Spandau prison, further aggravated the truth. As evidence, the supporters of the theory of substitution is indicated by the absence of a prisoner of scars on chest from bullet wounds and the gap between the front teeth. Moreover, the prisoner refused to meet with relatives, referring to a form of amnesia.

In the new work, scientists describe the accidental discovery of preserved blood sample “prisoner number seven”, taken in 1982. He was kept in the National military medical center Walter reed in Washington, DC (USA). The authors were able to isolate from the blood of DNA and to compare with the genetic information of one of the living relatives of Rudolf Hess male.

The researchers conclude that with a probability more than 99.99% of “prisoner number seven” was indeed Rudolf Hess.

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