Maduro broke off diplomatic relations with the United States

Maduro broke off diplomatic relations with the United States

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday, January 23, announced the severance of all relations with the United States, both diplomatic and political. The speech, Maduro showed state television of Venezuela. Us diplomats are given 72 hours to leave the territory of Venezuela.

“Speaking before the face of the peoples of the world, as the constitutionally elected President, I made the decision to break off diplomatic and political relations with the imperialist U.S. authorities,” — said Maduro.

He accused Washington of seeking to change the government in Venezuela is modeled on the overthrow of leftist governments in Latin America in the twentieth century in Guatemala, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. “They want to achieve the election of a new President of our Republic, using unconstitutional methods,” he stressed.

On Wednesday, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido proclaimed himself interim President of the country. The United States and several other countries, including Canada and Brazil, recognized him as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

The US state Department has warned Maduro on violent option of holding power. The US President Donald trump, asked about the possibility of a military option, said that this is not an option, but “all options remain on the table”. What kind of options he said the President of the United States, he said.

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