Trump acknowledged, Guido President of Venezuela

Trump acknowledged, Guido President of Venezuela

WASHINGTON, 23 Feb — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump announced the recognition of the head of the opposition, Parliament of Venezuela Juan, Guido President.

“Today I’m officially admitting the head of the National Assembly of Venezuela Juan, Guido transitional President of Venezuela. As the only branch of government that was legitimately elected by the people of Venezuela, the national Assembly, citing the country’s Constitution declared Nicolas Maduro to be illegal, and the post of President vacant,” — said in a written statement, trump.

“I will continue to use the full weight of economic and diplomatic power of the United States to restore democracy in Venezuela,” added trump. He expressed his willingness to work with Guido.

Trump also added that he will prosecute “regime of Maduro” over any “threat to the people of Venezuela”.

Earlier, the Venezuelan Parliament elected a new head — Juan, Guido, who announced the intention to create a transitional authority for the restoration of constitutional order and declared himself President of the country.