The U.S. Supreme court upheld the ban on transgender service in the army

The U.S. Supreme court upheld the ban on transgender service in the army

The Supreme court (SC) of the USA approved the plan of the administration of President Donald trump to ban transgender people to serve in the U.S. army. This January 22, reported AP.

Five judges voted for the decision, opposed by four. The Agency noted that the plan did not support the liberal judges who are now in the armed forces are a minority. At the same time, the court immediately refused to consider cases that are now heard in the lower courts.

The administration trump 23 November 2018 asked the Supreme court to review the decision that transgender people can serve in the army. The solicitor General of the United States, Noel Francisco, who represents the White house to the Supreme court, stated that this should be done before June. For 2018 the administration of the trump appealed to the Supreme court with this requirement, at least four times.

In 2016, under the administration of President Barack Obama, the Pentagon has allowed transgender people to openly serve in the army. But at the end of August 2017 trump ordered the defense Ministry to introduce a complete ban on the admission of transgender military service.

In response, the American Union of civil liberties (ACLU) filed for trump to court. Prohibition to accept transgender people for service in December 2017 overturned the Federal court of the district of Columbia. He ordered the American army to resume the reception of transsexuals from 1 January 2018.

According to Reuters, now serve in the American army, about four thousand of transgender people.