The life of the oldest person on Earth is shrouded in mystery. She’s still trying to solve

The life of the oldest person on Earth is shrouded in mystery. She’s still trying to solve

The complicated story of the old woman well over a hundred years, boasted the love for chocolate and cigarettes — in the material “”.

Jeanne Louise calment has more than 20 years is considered the oldest man in the history of the planet with the verified documents, and also the only one who managed to live longer than 120 years. The woman died more than 20 years ago, but the controversy about its status has still not subside: several researchers insist that the Frenchwoman many years pretended to be her daughter.

Beloved mother-in-law

Jeanne was born in the French commune of Arles in February 1875 in a bourgeois family. At 21, she married her second cousin Fernand Nicolas, part-owner of a successful shop. Married Jeanne has not worked a single day. She went to the Opera, rode the bike and played tennis.

Two years after the wedding she gave birth to a daughter named Yvonne Marie Nicolle. More children of Jeanne was not. In 1926, at 28 years, Yvonne married a military man, gunner Joseph Billot. In the same year, she gave Jeanne a grandson, frédéric Billot. Soon grandma had to take care of the child, his mother eight years later he died of pneumonia. The death of Yvonne recorded their old 70-year-old neighbor. For a moment it seemed to her that the table is not 36-year-old woman and her 59-year-old mother. Suspicious, the woman explained that the disease’s impact on appearance miserable.

Despite the death of Yvonne, her husband Joseph left to live with her mother in law and child and took an active part in the upbringing of his son. In 1942 the husband of Joan died. When Joseph returned from the front, he did not find a new place.

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According to the census of 1946, he lived in a neighboring house from Jeanne along with Frederick, then a student of medicine. At the Institute the young man met his future wife, and in 1950, after their marriage, Joseph freed home for the couple and moved to his mother. In the census of 1962, his marital status by mistake at first was indicated as “married” and then corrected to “widower”. In 1963, Joan was waiting for two losses: first, the death of her son-in-law, and then in a car accident crashed grandson.

The woman was left all alone, and in 90 years, struck a deal with the lawyer françois Raffi. The man had to pay her every month for 2.5 thousand French francs until she died. The lawyer believed that he had signed a very lucrative contract: price of the apartment was comparable with ten years of such payments, Raffi thought that grief-stricken old woman hardly last three years. He was wrong. Joan lived for another 32 years. The last couple of years the money the old lady had already paid the widow’s grief-the businessman.

“Grandma each in France”

Century Jeanne celebrated quietly and not to let themselves journalists, although in the same year, the city newspaper “Provence” wrote 95-year anniversary of one of the townswomen. The former mayor Jacques Perrault remembers that the woman flatly refused all celebrations, but in the end agreed to come to city hall for a gift:

I waited a long time in the waiting room, until it became clear that one of the seated women, which meant it was impossible to give more than eighty, was the celebrant. We do not agree on political views, but talk about General things. When she left the room, I noticed that she had the gait of a hunter.

And only 110 years Jeanne has overtaken in popularity. She was sent to a nursing home after she started a fire in the kitchen while cooking dinner.

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The woman is frankly bored and with pleasure told to journalists that loves to drink wine, can not live without cigarettes, and a week eats pounds of chocolate, refuting all the myths about healthy lifestyles. She still had a sense of humor: when one of the journalists after the next birthday said, “maybe until next year,” she, smiling, retorted: “come on, you don’t look so bad”.

Largely glorified stories about meeting van Gogh: the Arles famous artist cut off his earlobe, so all round dates associated with the painter, in the commune of events. She told me that helped in his father’s shop, and once in their shop I went to van Gogh. Not knowing anything about Jeanne refused to serve the artist, it struck her as suspicious, dirty and unfriendly. “He was ugly as sin, had a vile temper, and he smelled of booze” — she confessed in an interview. Other journalists, she said, that the artist presented her spouse. However, in 13 years they haven’t been engaged. Also preserved evidence that her father never had a shop, he worked as a successful shipowner. However, the store was the father of her husband, may husband and shared with her this story, and the old lady was just a little FIB.

In 1997 she died, this was written all the French Newspapers. It proclaimed “Orleansky virgin,” and President Jacques Chirac stated that Joan was “Granny each one of us, the French.”

And daughter and mother

The lifetime Joan can not help but delight is the closest “competitor” is dead, being younger French women for three years. Following them in the top ten longest-lived people on the Ground, followed by the dead 117 years old woman. Notable French and the fact that the longest longevity in the world had the status of “the oldest living people on Earth.” She held him for six years and six months. Usually receives this status of the elderly die within a year.

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The story of Joan repeatedly provoked suspicion among gerontologists. In 2001 scientist Tom Kirkwood in the book Time of Our Lives: The Science of Human Aging have suggested that many years Jeanne was pretending to be her daughter Yvonne. In 2007, French author Jean-Pierre Daniel, in the book L’assurance et ses secrets: tout ce que votre assureur ne vous a jamais dit suggested that insurance agents learned the truth about Jeanne-Yvonne, but chose to hide it, as the woman widely famous throughout the world and perceived by citizens as “a national treasure”.

In may 2018 geriatrician Valery Novoselov, the head of the section of gerontology of the Moscow society of naturalists at Moscow state University, said that photos and videos Jeanne calment not look his age. For thirty years he deals with the problems of aging, explained to journalists that in 110 years the woman seemed to be 90, and for the specialist the difference in appearance is obvious. He added that he had no access to biological samples, so he can’t say for sure.

In the top row, a mathematician put the young Yvonne and Jeanne. Bottom left draws attention to the General detail of the fibroid on the nose. Lower right Jeanne in 117 years.

However, the scientist shared his theory with the familiar, a young mathematician Nicholas Zach. He was very fascinated by the subject, have studied all available sources, and wrote a 26-page report in which he listed the evidence that Yvonne was impersonating Joan from 1934. In his opinion, then actually died not daughter and mother, and she was only 59 years old. Relatives of the General Council allegedly decided to begin issuing Yvonne for Jeanne to avoid paying inheritance tax. It would have ruined the young family, in 1931, they already had to pay tax for the inheritance of the mother and mother-in-law of Joan. Also, according to him, the Frederick, the grandson of Jeanne and the son of Yvonne, called grandmother “mamzanne” — “mom Jean”. The names of Jeanne and Yvonne are both derived from the name John.

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Zack also refers to the unusual similarity of the pictures of Yvonne young and old “Jeanne” and discovers that they are the same, even fibroma on the nose. Pictures young Joan look very different, that draws the attention of even the users of the network, leading its own investigation. All cognitive tests in the nursing home, the woman showed the results inherent in the people, under the age of 80-90 years.

Jean-Marie Robin, research Director at the French National Institute of health and medical research, called his version a “fragile, based on nothing, and ridiculous”. According to him, the family knew in the light, so that all citizens would have to support the deception, which is impossible. This Zack retorted that in the last years of his life, Jeanne was fond of hunting, the hobby and picked up her daughter. Because of this women spent all their time in the woods and not really participated in the social life. Besides Arles — a very large municipality, in 1875, lived in it 24 thousand people. On the other Robin’s argument that Jeanne called such details that could not know Yvonne, like the names of the teachers and servants in the house, a mathematician noted that once the old lady admitted that the school took her to the housekeeper March Fuson. This woman really lived in their house, but was ten years younger than Joan, and therefore might have led to the lessons her daughter.