“Roscosmos” disrupted the timing of construction of the cosmodrome “East” and asked for more money

“Roscosmos” disrupted the timing of construction of the cosmodrome “East” and asked for more money

Of the 19 sites that were supposed to be ready last year, finished only five.

Moscow. 23 Jan. INTERFAX.RU — the state Corporation “Roscosmos” requests additional funds for the construction of the cosmodrome “East”, where completed only a quarter of the planned volume, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“The first phase of construction was completed last year, and really built, if you count in pieces, although it is considered not very correct, but built a quarter of the planned facilities — 5 of 19”, — said Medvedev at the meeting on economic and financial condition of the Corporation “Rosatom” and its affiliated organizations.Newsof the Flights in dreams and on the moon

The Prime Minister said that it is necessary to look and at a cost and technological difficulties.

“On completion of other objects Roskosmos asks for additional funds, including, I so have asked,” said the Prime Minister.

He recalled that in 2019 to begin the second phase of construction to 2021 “East” was fully prepared for the launch of spacecraft for various purposes with the use of carrier rockets heavy class.

“It is clear that the dynamic which is, it could not meet the deadline. Hence, necessary efforts must be made depending on the structures involved are to carry out the construction”, — said Medvedev.

Have to finish the project-mongering, enough talking about where we’re going to 30 year. We have to work is to talk less and do more.Dmitry Medvedev.Prime Minister

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