In the United States presented a bill to prevent the possibility of “shutdown” in the future

In the United States presented a bill to prevent the possibility of “shutdown” in the future

WASHINGTON, January 23. /TASS/ — the Document is called “Stop the nonsense”.

U.S. Senator mark Warner (Democrat from Virginia) on Tuesday introduced a bill potentially allowing in the future to prevent situations in which the Federal government shuts down for lack of funds, and civil servants are sent on unpaid leave. The information is provided on the website of the legislator.

“This bill will allow the government to continue work in the absence of budget funds, automatically providing a budget of exactly the same size, in which it was allocated in the previous fiscal year, but adjusted for inflation”, — reads the statement of the office of Warner. However, in accordance with this document, it is assumed not to automatically allocate resources for the work of the White house and the legislative branch in order that the parties had an incentive to engage in constructive negotiations. The bill is called “Stop the nonsense” (Stop The Stupidity Act).

From December 22 in the USA partially suspended the work of the Federal government due to the lack of budget funds. This happened due to the fact that the Republicans and Democrats in Congress failed to agree on the parameters of the state budget, in which trump and the Republicans in the ultimate order want over $5 billion for the construction of a physical barrier on the border with Mexico. Democrats say they will not approve the allocation from the Treasury of such large funds and willing to offer only $1.3 billion.