Fish and Leslie was released on his own recognizance

Fish and Leslie was released on his own recognizance

Vashukevich, Anastasia (Nastya Fish), and Alexander Kirillov (Alex Leslie) was released from the detention center under recognizance not to leave. About it “” the lawyer said Konstantin Kuzmin.

“The investigation is all figured out and we were released. Conditions were normal, I just want to leave,” said Vashukevich “” after leaving the detention center. Met her husband, and Leslie’s wife.

Earlier on January 22, the lawyer Dmitry Zatsarinsky said that between his client Nastya Fish and an injured Aleksandra Davydova (Sasha Grass) was a confrontation. In the course of it, Vashukevich not pleaded guilty to the crime and accused the Complainant that she was engaged in prostitution before.

Vashukevich and Kirillova, detained on January 17 in Sheremetyevo, where they arrived after being deported from Thailand, where they were given a suspended sentence in the case of an organization of sex training. Moscow police have confirmed that they are charged with involvement in prostitution.