Ex-lawyer trump refused to answer Congress questions on the investigation into Muller

Ex-lawyer trump refused to answer Congress questions on the investigation into Muller

Moscow. 22 Jan. INTERFAX.RU — Two U.S. congressmen announced that the former lawyer for Donald trump, Michael Cohen, during testimony to Congress will not be answering questions related to the investigation of alleged ties trump with Russia, said Tuesday the newspaper the Hill.

In a letter to two congressmen-Republicans Mark meadows and Jim Jordan, they sent a guy Petrillo attorney Cohen stated that to testify to Congress next month Cohen “pushed” his spokesman lanny Davis.

According to the congressmen, Davis told them that Cohen refuses to issues related to the investigation that the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller about the alleged ties of the electoral headquarters of the trump of Russia.

In addition, Cohen failed to respond to questions about his involvement in the scheme for payment of money to women who claimed that they had an intimate connection with trump before the presidential elections in 2016.

“Davis told us that the testimony of the Cohen rule out any issues related to investigation,” the letter reads.

The congressmen noted that “given the great public interest, such questions are hard to leave at the hearings in the Congress.”

“Congressmen are going to ask the priest any question they deem appropriate,” reads the letter.

Cohen in the investigation of an alleged Russian intervention in elections in 2016, which holds spectacular Robert Mueller pleaded guilty to making false statements to Congress on contacts with the Russians on this project. In Congress, he said that he stopped all contacts with the Russians on construction of the Trump Tower in January 2016. He then admitted that he negotiated up to June 2016.

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