Vitorgan and mantid fighting over Sobchak

Vitorgan and mantid fighting over Sobchak

In a cafe in the center of Moscow fought Maxim Vitorgan and Konstantin Bogomolov.

According to the publication Starhit, Vitorgan came to the cafe, where the mantid. The men then went outside, about something talked, and after a while the Director came back with a broken nose. Help doctors Bogomolov was not required.

The cause of the conflict is unknown, but perhaps the quarrel occurred because spouses Vitorgan Ksenia Sobchak.

They got married six years ago, in 2016, they had a son Platon. However last fall there were rumors about the breakup of a couple because of the novel Sobchak with Bogomolov.

Fans of the pair noticed that Ksenia and Maxim stopped wearing a wedding ring. Then Sobchak and Bogomolov began to attend social events together. However, for the premiere of a new play Bogomolov, which took place in December, Sobchak and Vitorgan came along.

Sobchak only fueled the rumors about the breakup with her husband, writing in the Instagram “don’t interfere”, “don’t judge” and “let everyone have the freedom to do their own”. Vitorgan continued on their page to post photos of his wife and son.

The participants of the fight in the cafe has not commented on the situation. Is silent and Xenia.

In 2018 Bogomolov divorced his wife Daria Moroz, after eight years of marriage. The couple has a daughter Anna.