The scientists explained that if the cocaine in the Thames for acne

The scientists explained that if the cocaine in the Thames for acne

In the waters of the Thames increased content of cocaine, British scientists have found. Presumably, this may affect living in the water the eels earlier experiments have shown that cocaine makes them Hyper.

However, experts claim that the worry is not about the content of cocaine in the water below the quantities that can harm the acne — instead they are threatened by other danger.

In the waters of the Thames increased content of cocaine, found out the experts from king’s College London. The study was published in the journal Science of The Total Environment. Because of the cocaine in the water, inhabiting the Thames, acne can become hyperactive and lose the ability to reproduce.

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Earlier work has shown that in London the highest level of cocaine use in Europe, and deliver it after ordering, faster than a pizza. Scientists decided to find out what consequences this may cause to nature.

As it turned out as a result of observations, the concentration of caffeine, cocaine and benzoylecgonine, being a product of the metabolism of cocaine, in coming to the treatment plant the water is greater than micrograms per liter. The content of these substances increases sharply within 24 hours after a rain, when the river falls more wastewater.

The concentration of cocaine in a London waters was much higher than in other British cities.

In addition, if in other cities it increased the output, as in these days the residents used cocaine more often in London, she remained the same throughout the week.

European eels have a complex life cycle. From 15 to 20 years they spend in water, mostly fresh, and then crossed the Atlantic ocean and spawn in the Sargasso sea, East of the Caribbean sea and Eastern coast of the United States. An obstacle can become as dams and water pollution.

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Earlier, the Italian researchers found that even small doses of cocaine cause of hyperactivity in acne. Cocaine also tended to accumulate in their muscles, skin and organs. The effect persisted even after 10 days after the acne has moved out of the water, cocaine in its pure.

Cocaine led to an increase in the concentration of cortisol, a stress hormone. It depends on the ability of eels to store fat necessary for migration to the Sargasso sea. Thus, the cocaine in the water can lead to a decrease in the number of acne that can not normally reproduce. In addition, increased production of dopamine could do to prevent them from reaching puberty.