The meeting between Putin and Abe on the Kuril Islands ended without results

The meeting between Putin and Abe on the Kuril Islands ended without results

The discussion will be continued at the level of foreign Ministers in February.


Russia and Japan are not yet ready to conclude a peace Treaty, the statements of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the end of long negotiations with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe on Tuesday.

According to Putin, the issue of concluding a peace Treaty had “given a lot of time”. “Ahead of the search for mutually acceptable solutions,” Putin said. Thus the future solution should be supported by the public in both countries, the President said.

According to Abe, in the course of the negotiations instructed the foreign Ministers of the two countries to hold a new round of negotiations on a peace Treaty in February, for example, on the sidelines of the security conference in Munich. Negotiations should be held, the foreign Ministers and special representatives, said the Japanese Prime Minister.

NewsKyodo learned about the willingness of Abe to sign a contract in case of transfer of Shikotan and Habomai

On 20 January, on the eve of visit to Moscow, Abe stated that he is determined “to achieve the completion of negotiations on a peace Treaty” with Russia. Abe expressed hope that a solution to this problem acceptable to both Moscow and Tokyo, will be found on the meeting with Putin.

The basis of the Treaty between Russia and Japan should become a Soviet-Japanese Declaration of 1956, which States on the transfer of Japan of island Shikotan and ridges Habomai. Japan demands to transfer all the Islands inherited the Soviet Union after the Second world war; in addition to Shikotan and Habomai, that the Iturup and Kunashir. Japan considers them his, and calls the Northern territories.