Passengers are suggested to wean from the seat “foot to foot”

Passengers are suggested to wean from the seat “foot to foot”

In the Metropolitan subway want to restrict passengers who prefer to sit, putting one leg to another. A proposal appeared on the website of the Russian public initiative.

“We have the subway began to resemble that removed the backpacks from the back. Unfortunately, the same reminder is necessary, so that passengers do not put one leg over the other, sitting in the train. This makes it difficult to stand or to pass other passengers, and also stain their clothes,” — said in the text of the document.

NewsWhen one can and others can not

While their signatures to the initiative put only 169 people. At the same time to consider a decision at the regional level it is necessary 100 thousand votes.

In September 2018 feminists fought against men sitting with her legs wide spread. So, activist Anna dovgalyuk in St. Petersburg was doused with a mixture of bleach with water men, aiming at his groin. The reaction of the victims were different — from surprise and indifference to aggression and anger.

It later turned out that the action is staged. Viral video was created by Studio My Duck’s Vision, which has previously been mentioned in Russian media in connection with the distribution of the fake video in the election campaigns over the years.