The Banksy picture at the garage in Wales sold more than 100 thousand pounds

The Banksy picture at the garage in Wales sold more than 100 thousand pounds

Drawing by British street artist Banksy, which appeared in December on the wall of the garage in the Welsh town of Port Talbot, sold more than 100 thousand pounds.

The work, entitled “new year!” (Season’s Greetings) was purchased by the owner of an art gallery in the County of Essex John Brandstrom.

The garage owner, 55-year-old steelworker Ian Lewis, whose appearance on the wall of the garage of the famous artist brought to stress, said he, after the sale of graffiti relieved.

The new owner of the graffiti has already promised that the work of Banksy will remain in Port Talbot at least two or three years.

“I have other works by Banksy, and if we are able to negotiate with local authorities and with the government of Wales, I will be able to submit some of his work in the city,” said Brendler correspondent Bi-bi-si will to Fife.

Banksy has caused a steelworker near Swansea severe distress. Ian Lewis’ garage was the site for the mysterious street artist’s recent mural just before Christmas which has attracted over 20’000 visitors since its debut. #artnews

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“Let’s bring graffiti to the city center, where the audience will be able to see it without any obstacles,” offers Brendler.

The collector admitted that he had paid for graffiti more than 100 thousand pounds (129,4 thousand dollars).

An artwork by Banksy appeared on Ian Lewis”s garage wall before Christmas, but as the Welsh steelworker soon discovered, hosting work by an internationally-renowned artist isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:

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Brandler also praised Ian Lewis because he rejected more lucrative offers to leave graffiti in Port-Talbot.

“I think many in his position simply would have taken the money, but he’s not selfish, and for that he deserves respect,” — said the gallery owner.