Men EN masse complained about the insulting compliments from women

Men EN masse complained about the insulting compliments from women

Men are from Reddit, the massively complained about the inability of women to give a compliment. Their claims they made in a separate thread, which is a few hours gained popularity and beat out the top resource.

“Don’t girls compliment guys because they can take it neoplatonically. In turn, boys take it neoplatonically because it happens so rarely that they don’t know how to handle it,” — said the initiator of the discussion under the name Showerthoughts.

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With this explanation agreed more than 88 thousand users of the resource. Men complain that women don’t know how to make compliments, and if they notice changes in their appearance, give only offensive phrase.

“When I was a lonely awkward sixth grader, I rode the bus and a cute girl I didn’t for a second looked at me and said super sincerely, “I envy your Boobs are bigger than mine”. I’m the guy,” recalls NotPornAccount2293. According to him, in childhood, girls are not neglected any opportunity to stab him with words about his appearance.

Another user noticed that will always remember when the girls admitted that before he met him thinking he’s a serial killer.

Due to the fact that the female does not wait for praise, men rejoice in every good word. “The last compliment I did when I shaved off all the hair, I was. The woman said that I have a “beautifully shaped head”,” wrote CrazyRetard, adding that since the compliment a year later, but he still remembers and cherishes that memory.

The other user is forever etched in the memory of a sincere compliment from “cute girl in the bus”, who said that he had “truly kind eyes”.