The Zimbabwean authorities soothe people off the Internet

The Zimbabwean authorities soothe people off the Internet

Large-scale protests continued in the country since the departure of the President to Moscow.


The largest Internet provider in Zimbabwe, Econet Wireless, the company announced the shutdown of its services on the orders of the state. Authorities trying to cope with many thousands of protests and riots caused by rising gasoline prices, went on blocking the Internet to the protest organizers could not coordinate their actions. However, I suffered from this more than not protesters, and ordinary Zimbabweans.

Mass protests began on Monday, January 14, at the call of the Congress of trade Union Zimbabwe, the participants spoke out against a sharp increase in gasoline prices.

On Saturday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced that a litre of petrol will now cost 45 Rand ($3,3), more than two times higher than the previous — 19 rands (us$1.4).

And on Monday, when Mr Mnangagwa went on an official visit to Russia, thousands of angry Zimbabweans took to the streets of Harare and Bulawayo, accusing the authorities that they do not keep their promises: the price is not stabiliziruemost, and life becomes increasingly difficult.

Protesters erected barricades, burned tires, entered into direct confrontation with the police.

In the riots killed at least three people, including one policeman, and about 200 were detained.