The Pentagon has announced plans to destroy enemy missiles in the early stages

The Pentagon has announced plans to destroy enemy missiles in the early stages

The United States intends to destroy in the event of a threat the missiles of his opponent before their launch. This was stated by acting Minister of defense of the United States Patrick Shanahan during the publication of the Strategy the development of American ballistic missile defense system (NMD). The document published on the website the Pentagon on Thursday, January 17.

The strategy, according to Shanahan, describes a new, comprehensive approach to prevent and repel missile attacks using a combination of deterrence, active and passive (measures — ed.), missile defence and offensive operations to destroy enemy missiles before their launch.

“Missile defence systems are a key element of our strategy given the current proliferation of offensive ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as emerging technologies to create hypersonic weapons, which significantly increases the level of threats to the regional balance (power — ed.) and our (American — ed.) major allies and partners”, — quotes the head of the Pentagon TASS.

It is noted that currently the American military is developing laser weapons for unmanned intercept missiles in their early stage of flight.

In addition, the document States that Russia and China continue to expand and modernize their strategic offensive missile systems, including develop advanced technologies. “The United States is counting on nuclear deterrence to prevent a potential Russian or Chinese nuclear attack using their extensive and technically well developed Intercontinental missile systems”, — stated in the report.

Prepared by the Pentagon ABOUT the current review is the third in a row since the inception of the US development of its own missile defense system in 1999. The previous document appeared under the Obama administration in 2010 to spend time with him in 1999 with bill Clinton.