The native Butinai talked about her interest in guns

The native Butinai talked about her interest in guns

Parents arrested in the United States Russian women’s Butinai told about the interest of the daughter to arms. NBC News reporters visited the relatives of the women in Barnaul.

According to relatives, the girl became interested in firearms at the age of 10. “From childhood, she watched as I work with guns, told her father Valery. — She learned how to shoot, assemble and disassemble weapons.”

In childhood Butina was an excellent student, she liked to learn English. Writes NBC, “Mary, like other students in Russia, learned to disassemble and reassemble the Kalashnikov rifle on the lessons of first aid”. In addition to the shooting she was involved in volleyball, skiing and reading books about Harry Potter and the works of ray Bradbury.

Butina studied at the Altai state University. In 2011, she organized a group for the protection of the right to bear firearms. “She wanted to have an impact on society, explained her father. — At some point she was close to the city, and she went to the capital”.

News“no One forced Mary Butina to do what she wants”

At the same time one of the instructors on the weapons, familiar with Butynol, told reporters that “she had no idea how to handle weapons, when he created the organization “Right to arms””.

After moving to Moscow, the girl went to USA to participate in the activities of the National rifle Association. According to the materials of the case, in 2015-Butyl organized the visit of the Association members in Moscow and meeting with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. A year later she moved to the United States and received there a master’s degree.