Information about the rescue the second pilot of the su-34 not confirmed

Information about the rescue the second pilot of the su-34 not confirmed

Moscow. 18 Jan. INTERFAX.RU co — driver of one of the crashed planes evacuated in Khabarovsk.

As the Navigator of the su-34, which was rescued after the collision of two bombers over sea of Japan to satisfactory information about the rescue the second pilot has not been confirmed, according to the Ministry of defense.

“Previous information about the discovery and rescue the second pilot, unfortunately, was not confirmed”, — stated in the message.

The military said that in the area of the ejection of the crews of bombers su-34 zapelengovali signal emergency beacon. “Search and rescue operation continues”, — said the Ministry of defence.

According to the defense Ministry, rescued the pilot — Navigator of the su-34 is currently being evacuated by plane An-26 with special medical modules in Khabarovsk. “His condition is satisfactory. Non-life-threatening”, — said the defense Ministry.

Previously, the defense Ministry reported the rescue of two pilots and their delivery to the airport.

As reported, on Friday, when performing routine training flight over the sea of Japan, 35 km from the coast in the course of the maneuvering has occurred in the touch down of two su-34 the far Eastern Association air force and air defense. The pilots ejected.

Search and rescue activities take place in adverse weather conditions.