Doctors told about the dangers of swimming in the hole

Doctors told about the dangers of swimming in the hole

MOSCOW, 16 Jan — RIA Novosti. Bathing in the ice hole at the Baptism can hardly be good for the body unseasoned humans, however, can carry threats, according to respondents RIA Novosti experts.

The day of Epiphany Orthodox Christians celebrate on January 19 (January 6, old style). Baptism along with Easter is the oldest Christian holidays in Russia are traditionally accompanied by mass bathing in the icy water to consecrate the hole.

“From a medical point of view, bathing in Baptism for the average person, except for the alleged threats, the significant effect does not carry. If we are talking about an untrained person the probability that he will get more problems than good, it has a higher”, — told RIA Novosti therapist Marina Anisimov.

She explained that healthy people who decide to swim in the hole without preparation, you can get hypothermia, which increases the likelihood of colds. In addition, when hypothermia reduced immunity and there is a great vulnerability exposure to viral and bacterial infections.

If we’re talking about people suffering from some diseases, e.g., cardiovascular, sudden temperature drop can cause the development of total arrhythmia, sudden increase or decrease in blood pressure, as a result, robbing brain and a heart attack.Marina Anisimova.physician

At the same time to start getting ready for bathing, according to the therapist, you need at least six months.

In turn, the chief specialist on preventive medicine of the Moscow healthcare Department Nana Pogosova told RIA Novosti that the hardening must be gradual, one must examine how it affects the body. If there is no negative impact, you can make a decision about swimming at Baptism.