Canadian Minister held a press conference on the street and became a star Network

Canadian Minister held a press conference on the street and became a star Network

He just didn’t have to leave the water in the cold.

The Minister for indigenous Affairs Canada Seamus O’regan received his share of Internet fame after he held a press conference in Ottawa.

For unknown reasons, to gather the journalists decided at the press center and on the street. Despite the fact that the temperature of the air the moment she was about -12 degrees.

Here’s what happens when you have a cabinet shuffle press conference outside in Ottawa in the dead of Canadian winter.

— CBC News: The National (@CBCTheNational) January 14, 2019.

That’s what happens when you conduct a press conference outdoors in Ottawa during the canadian winter.

Coming to the media, O’regan, first decided to drink water, which was in advance prepared by the organizers. Only neither they nor the Minister did not consider the peculiarities of the weather. But because drink have a policy of not out — the water simply turned into ice. Explaining his confusion to reporters, the Minister joked that at least he had the sense to put on a press conference coat.

Video O Riganum quickly gained popularity and users began to joke and share their memories of a canadian winter.

Psst, don’t lick the microphone.

— Karen Dallimore (@HorsebackWriter) January 15, 2019.

PSS, just don’t lick the microphone.

Oh so glad I moved from there to Vancouver ? That used to be so normal now it’s like “what the hell is snow doing here”

Katherine A. Winter (@LovePsycho1st) January 14, 2019.

I am so happy I moved from Ottawa to Vancouver. Earlier all it was normal, now I’m thinking, “what the hell are doing here snow?”.

That fits all stereotypes about Canada and winter.

— Broke paying taxes!!! (@broketaxpayer1) January 15, 2019.

It meets all the stereotypes about canadian winter.

Hilarious !! I love Canada

— Dana_G (@Joey_Cat_Tweets) January 15, 2019.

Very cool! I love Canada.

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