Bob Majesty: Lanovoy created the image of a flawless gentleman

Bob Majesty: Lanovoy created the image of a flawless gentleman

But most of all appreciates his only Comedy role.

Almost famous iconographic image of the ideal Komsomolets Pavel Korchagin and memorable roles millions of brilliant officers, Vasily Semenovich Lanovoy on January 16 marks the 85th anniversary. On the anniversary of a wonderful actor, favorite of several generations of audience critic Lidia Maslova remembered the stages of his creative way — especially for “Izvestia”.The king of the beach

With special warmth Lanovoy recalls his favorite episode from the Comedy “Striped flight” in 1961, where he appeared purely by chance. Arriving in Odessa to there starred Tatiana Samoilova, his then wife, Lanovoy met the Director Vladimir Petina, who offered him to sit in the frame as a “vacationer on the beach”, which in the end left for an irresistible lover the only comic film role.

Vasily Lanovoy calls his character in “Striped flight” king of the beach, better not say, looking at this athletic, handsome in a red bathing suit, hipster glasses and a wound on his neck Flirty white kerchief, which, sipping from a Cup, since scientists connoisseur utters the most famous line from the movie:

Nice swim — that group in striped bathing suits.

This short role Lanovoi also appreciates for the fact that it simply had no time to make mistakes — skorchev frightened face at the sight of the tiger, the king rapidly washed away from the shore, however, he uttered the phrase will not be forgotten ever and will become a kind of motto, the hallmark of the film.

About what other filmmakers and not let close to Comedy Vasily Lanovoy, he later said with a hint of regret, sneering at the Director’s logic: “I told you you have Parsuna, is not a Comedy face.” Meanwhile, even his first film, “matriculation” in 1954, where student Theatre school. B. Shchukin plays a major role, suggests that in skilled hands even dazzlingly beautiful Lanovoy would have been hopeless, and as a comedian. Educational “matura” quite a bit, not enough to satirical Comedy, making fun of the narcissistic main character, a confident, though not without reason, that he is the most intelligent and beautiful, and therefore may look at classmates down.

The film grew out of performance, which in 1951 won first prize at the national competition of the Amateur — the first actor Vasily Lanovoi skills acquired in drama school at the Palace of culture ZIL. Seeing Lanovoy in Amateur play, directed by Tatyana Lukashevich decided to make a film, after which 20-year-old actor woke up famous.

Its sophisticated character, Valentin Liszt, like a graceful deer in the headlights, but when he begins to read his favorite poem: “When something crashed on the sharp rocks of the beautiful young body of Icarus”, it is easy to guess that the word “perfect” narcissistic young man uses primarily in relation to himself, but in the end admits his mistakes when he tells his younger brother samorazoblachitelnym a bedtime story: “there Lived a very handsome Prince, all he’s been saying he’s the smartest boy in the world, it went to his head”. Love your Valentine girl called it Pecorini, to which he arrogantly Hamming: “I always get bored in the evenings”, parodying the aristocratic manners of the secular thug.

Threat handsome

From the “superfluous men” of Russian literature Vasily Lanovoy, probably more than anyone wanted to play Prince Andrei Bolkonsky, the hero of his favorite book “War and peace”, which he knows almost by heart. When Sergei Bondarchuk gathered in the mid-1960s to film Tolstoy’s epic, offered Lanovoi the role of Anatole Kuragin, actor at first refused to play a lecherous and handsome seducer, and only a year later, the Director managed to persuade the artist, who agreed only on the condition that the film will remain the scene with the amputation in the hospital, where Anatole can present not only its soulless beauty, but also suffering, transforming it from a dangerous animal into a human, capable of not only inflicting pain on others, but to experience it.

In another adaptation of Tolstoy — “Anna Karenina” by Alexander Zarkhi, released shortly after “War and peace” — count Alexei Vronsky in the performance of the Lanovoi also initially gives the impression of a man, though capable of hard to get the beloved woman, but not inclined to sentimentality and sometimes even cruel. However, thanks to the persistence of the actor, too long did not agree to this role and required to add necessary scenes, the Bon vivant Vronsky turned out to be not heartless secular dandy, but the unfortunate man on whom hangs the fatal curse to destroy those whom he loves the most, whether it’s the knacker’s Frou-Frou or torn with jealousy and anger secular society fallen woman Anna.

Man in uniform

Vasily Lanovoy admitted that when before him stood the question of choosing the role, he always did it in favor of a military pattern, and indeed, the uniform sits on his flawless figure perfectly, and his face allows you to serve the living embodiment of the concept of “military honor” the courage and devotion is the essence of the character dashing Cossack Ivan Barabbas in “the Officers” shot by Vladimir horn in 1971.

The role of a picky actor, too, at first thought to refuse, because they did not understand, whom he should play, however, the proposal of the Director: “Play romantic side of a Russian officer” clarify the situation.

In all my roles Vasily Lanovoi somehow manage to romantically to raise, to elevate the character of the source material — what are you, Pavel Korchagin, perhaps, the best movie interpretations of this role.

The film “Pavel Korchagin” Alexander Alov and Vladimir Naumov spotted a young Lanovoy in a nearby pavilion, where he starred in a biopic about Bohdan Khmelnytsky “three Hundred years ago…” in the role of sensitive ensign in gold embroidered doublet, compassionate to the common people. When Alov and Naumov proposed that the student 3-go course to try out for the role of Pavel, he is not without chutzpah replied:

Why audition? This is my hero.

The grounds for such confidence gave him a long acquaintance with Korchagin, that occurred in 1941, when still not knowing how to read a seven year old Bob lanoviy heard Ostrovsky’s novel from a teacher of the Ukrainian language, who read the students the book “the Yak was gertuves steel”, despite the risk of being hanged by the Germans, if they found out about what kind of revolutionary literature, the teacher teaches children in the occupied territory.

Broaching Ukrainian songs at some point began for Vasily Lanovoy best cure for stuttering, which he suffered after one of the Nazis fired the machine gun fire over your head little boy. However, the same which psychotherapeutic influence Ukrainian language was, on the other hand, and a stumbling block in the theatrical career of the actor. After graduating from the Shchukin school in 1957 Vasily Lanovoi entered the theater. E. Vakhtangov, however, the first six years patiently endured as in the crowd: the chief Director Ruben Simonov believed that this young actor too Ukrainized and before playing big roles, it is necessary to listen to correct speech experienced the theatre.

And only in 1963 was a breakthrough a great role for Lanovoy was the noblest Prince Calaf in “Turandot”, where he humorously present “Bob Highness”, but played them in subsequent years of the role, including Caesar in “Antony and Cleopatra”, Mayakovsky in the “konarmia”, Pushkin’s “the Steps of the commander”, George Bernard Shaw in “dear liar,” give reason without ironic reservations call Vasily Semenovich Lanovoy “Bob Majesty.”