When one can and others can not

When one can and others can not

What is forbidden to men in the Madrid bus, as in Turkmenistan, the woman to buy cigarettes and why the streets of Ireland on February 29 desert?

“My planet” — on gender bans in different countries.

For men

Saudi Arabia: to walk the cats and dogs

Walking the four-legged Pets — a great excuse to strike up a passing acquaintance with the woman. Therefore, to violate the norms of Islam. So considered the religious police of the country and, apparently, thinking that women taboo enough, forbidden to walk the cats and dogs to men. The offender faces confiscation of the pet. And its owner will have to sign a written oath not to repeat the offense. If caught again, the case will be resolved in court.

Spain: spreading your legs on public transport

The relevant law was adopted in Madrid. In 2017, local buses, stickers have appeared forbidding to sit with your legs wide apart. Each is accompanied by the inscription: “Respect the space of the other.” Though the guard and arrest the Spaniard, who took two seats instead of one, a warning will issue. But the Spaniard, who influenced the adoption of the law, will make the offender understand that to spread your legs and adopt a relaxed posture should not be.

Ireland: refuse to get married

However, only 29 of February. So the Irish, who very much wants to marry a specific man, we just have to wait for the nearest leap year and 29 February to make their chosen proposal. If he refused, according to the law, will be required to pay the girl a fine. This law exists since the XI century.

Of course, now only on paper, but to deny a particularly energetic girl, man will be difficult. The law is on her side.

Muslim countries to wear gold and silk

The Koran says that the two things the prophet Muhammad forbade men and women were allowed. Therefore, among Muslim men banned any gold, even the wedding ring. It must be made of silver. Punishment for violation is not provided, but for the believers the prohibition is equal to the ban on alcohol. Here women wear gold for two.

Turkey: paint the hair black

The ban was introduced, the office for religious Affairs of the country. Like, dyeing hair, mustache and beard men. But not in black. By Islamic standards, this color is unacceptable. Better, probably, red. Although why not paint them in blue or green?

For women

Turkmenistan: buy cigarettes

Similarly: women are not allowed to sell. The ban imposed 2016 with the aim… to prevent speculation cigarettes, as the country has long been a fierce struggle with Smoking. Allegedly, enterprising women has been ready to buy a lot of packs, and then sell at exorbitant prices. Now to do so fail. To circumvent the ban, if only to produce a certificate from the local drug clinic about tobacco dependence.

Iran: attending football matches

Explains all religion; the women cannot look at men in shorts and listen to foul in the stadiums. But to deny the fans-men hard to say much more difficult than to get rid of women. Perhaps in any other country this ban would not pay attention. But in Iran, football is more than sport. Women here know the schedule of all matches of almost all soccer tournaments, names of players and referees. For them, football is much more exciting series.

Therefore, the probability of arrest and preventive discussions Iranians don’t stop. The most ardent cheerleaders are stocking a fake mustache, a beard, and, dressed in men enter the stadiums. And to see women not always possible. And Iranian women go to football to neighboring countries. In this sense, very revealing held in 2018 in Russia the world Cup.

Saudi Arabia: visit the “men’s” wedding party

To celebrate the wedding separately, it is in the spirit of Muslim traditions (the strange wedding trends “My planet” already wrote). But if other countries in the Middle East, this rule was not always adhered to in Saudi Arabia, where women still continue to fight for their rights, the bride has no right to visit the “male” party. Although the groom “female” is present.

Sudan, Swaziland: wear pants

NewsIn India women have built a living wall with a length of 620 km, demanding equality

In Sudan, women in pants are considered immoral. Order strictly observes the police public morality. According to the law of 1991, for wearing “immodest and indecent clothing” could face 40 lashes with a whip, but sometimes there may be exceptions. So, in 2017, to dare to wear trousers decided 24 a resident of Sudan. From punishment they were only saved by public pressure.

But the current king of Swaziland (Eswatini) Mswati III went further and declared that those guilty of all the troubles of the world. And ordered the soldiers to break from violators this garment and tear it to shreds. Take a chance and put the king’s words challenged yet, nobody dares. Dictators — they are…

It is noteworthy that until January 2013, women’s pants were banned in France. According to the law of 1800, any woman wishing to dress in men’s fashion, was obliged to go to a police station for permission.