Turkey tightens rules for transportation of tourists

Turkey tightens rules for transportation of tourists

MOSCOW, 14 Jan — RIA Novosti. From January 2019, the Ministry of transport of Turkey has implemented an online system U-ETDS, which will remove from the market the transportation of tourists unlicensed “private owners”, says ATOR.

According to Turkish media, to combat the illegal transportation of passengers in Turkey, the Ministry of transport of the country has developed and implemented since January 2, 2019 government online system U-ETDS mandatory to all vehicles that carry foreign tourists. Access to it will receive only those Turkish transport companies, which are licensed D-2 (license to carry passengers).

As told the representatives of the Turkish tourist industry, tour operators work with all major and “white” Turkish host companies, so it is expected that this innovation will likely not affect either the price or the business processes of receiving and sending tourists.

However, the new system needs to discipline the tourists: they will be put on the bus strictly according to the list submitted to the system, and for latecomers to his transfer may have more of a problem than it was before.

While tourists who prefer not to contact the Agency and transfer among individuals in social networks or through other online services will now be hard to find a cheap transfer from airports in Turkey. On that occasion, the official taxi drivers at airports have already raised prices by 15-20%.

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