The ROC responded to Poroshenko’s demand to “show Tomos”

The ROC responded to Poroshenko’s demand to “show Tomos”

MOSCOW, 13 Jan — RIA Novosti. The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church has responded to the demand of Petro Poroshenko to the ROC “show Tomos”.

In conversation with RT, he stressed the unprecedented nature of the intervention Poroshenko in the case of Orthodox believers in Ukraine.

We believe that this is a blatant mixture of religion and politics that we see in the face of this man, will not bring anything good to the Ukrainian state.

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church noted that “the flirtation of the Ukrainian authorities with Constantinople reached its peak”.

The interlocutor of TV channel has noted the reluctance of the Russian Orthodox Church to enter into dialogue with Ukrainian President when he claims to the ROC and the UOC.

Earlier the President of Ukraine during a trip to Vinnitsa questioned the canonicity of the Russian Orthodox Church. The head of state called the “new Church” of Ukraine canonical.

The autocephaly of the “new Church”

In December last year in Kiev was held the “unification Council”, which was attended mostly by representatives of the non-canonical Church structures. During the event, participants chose the Chapter “the new Autocephalous Church.”

In early January, the Patriarchate of Constantinople gave Kyiv the Tomos of autocephaly of the “new Church.” The document limits the newly formed structure and puts it in a dependent from Constantinople the situation. In the Russian Orthodox Church this “autocephaly” was considered a dud, and the day of the signing of the Tomos — tragic in the history of the Ecumenical Orthodoxy.

Earlier, the Kiev authorities, including Poroshenko, promised not to interfere in the Affairs of the Church, but they do it all the time.

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