No pants and hat: new York subway was a traditional flash mob

No pants and hat: new York subway was a traditional flash mob

NEW YORK, January 14 — RIA Novosti, Irina Andreeva. Annual 18th event “travel without pants in subway” was held in new York on Sunday, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. Several hundred participants came into the subway cars, and then removed his pants and remained in his underwear, while the top was dressed as usual in this time of year — coats, jackets, sweaters, scarves, hats.

Sunday in the Big Apple was -2 and Sunny, however, “feels”, as reported by forecasters, it was -7.

From seven members to several thousand

The first such event organized by the collective Improv Everywhere, which specializiruetsya in playful flashmobs were organized in 2002, then the event was attended by only seven people. Over the years, more people have decided to take this strange experiment in the cold season.

The annual “No pants subway” was held in new York. It was attended by about two thousand people. #NoPantsSubwayRide #NYC

— World RIA Novosti (@RIA_Worldnews) January 14, 2019.

NewsMCHS Orchestra staged a flash mob for passengers of the Moscow metro

This year, according to the organizers, only in new York city no pants subway drove about 2 thousand people. Also the action began to join other cities and countries. In 2016, the mob decided to support and in Moscow, although it ended for the participants with arrest by the police — they were interviewed and released.

On Sunday, in addition to new York, “bestanimal” could be seen in trains in London, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, Chicago, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, calgary, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Montreal, Munich, Washington, Prague and other cities in the world.