Medvedev responded to the claim of Lukashenka due to the tax maneuver

Medvedev responded to the claim of Lukashenka due to the tax maneuver

Moscow. 14 Jan. INTERFAX.RU — Russia understands the concerns of Belarus about the tax maneuver in Russia, but remind that Moscow never promised Minsk to offset taxes from this income, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“We certainly understand their concerns, and negotiations on this subject are continuing. I want to reiterate that, first, we never promised to compensate for lost revenues in other countries, even the most loved ones,” he said at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

Russia provides Belarus with the larger credit assistance in circumstances where she was denied access to Western financial markets, and Minsk should appreciate that, Medvedev said.

According to him, this amount exceeds 6.5 billion dollars, not counting the associated loan for the construction of nuclear power plants. “And we demand, of course, the return of these loans, we are rescheduling the loans at the request of our partners in terms of recall, when we closed the financial markets of Western countries,” — said the Prime Minister.

In fact, we can help, borrowing money from our economy. It should be appreciated, speaking about allied relations.Dmitry Medvedevputin-Minister

Last week the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Russia risks losing “only ally” in the Western direction in case of refusal to compensate for the loss of Minsk from the tax maneuver in the oil sector.

Belarus estimates its losses due to the abolition of export duties on oil in Russia to $383 million.