The Union of Russia and China, dubbed the “American nightmare”

The Union of Russia and China, dubbed the “American nightmare”

The development of cooperation between Russia and China, as well as the creation of the Union between them can become a real nightmare for US. This writes The National Interest with reference to the experts of the Center for the national interest.

In their view, Washington is committing a grave error in not taking sufficient measures to prevent the rapprochement between Russia and China. As a result, experts say, the U.S. lost its advantageous position, which he held in the second half of the cold war, when relations between them and China and the Soviet Union individually were better than relations between Beijing and Moscow.

At the same time, according to analysts, despite the deepening of cooperation between China and Russia, the question of a formal Alliance between the two countries.

This is because Beijing fears that such an Alliance with Moscow would have a negative impact on its economic cooperation with Washington, experts explain. In particular, China rejected Russia’s proposal on the transition to financial transactions in the national currency, and Chinese banks are mostly unwilling to lend under us sanctions, Russian companies, for fear of further problems when working with companies from USA.

At the same time, writes the edition, despite the absence of a formal Alliance, formed at the moment between Moscow and Beijing, relations are a real strategic benefits for Russia. So, according to experts, the awareness of the opportunities to cooperate with China allows Russia with greater optimism in its prospects even in the absence of constructive cooperation with the United States.

As noted by The National Interest, the American intelligence for a long time with skepticism attitude to the possibility of deeper cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, however currently the question of how to respond to the ongoing rapprochement between two of its main competitors, is for US the most difficult.