Lost communication with only the Russian space telescope

Lost communication with only the Russian space telescope

The only Russian space telescope on the device “Spektr-R”, part of the Radioastron project, stopped working on the reception of the command data, but it continues to send information to Earth. On Saturday, January 12, RIA Novosti said the Director of the Astro space center of Physical Institute of Academy of Sciences (LPI RAS) Nikolai Kardashev.

According to the scientist, several attempts of specialists to reconnect or to no avail. “There are different communication systems, some running, some not working. Part of signals is. Such failures have already been. Can all earn. We hope so,” he said, adding that the warranty period of the existence of “Spectrum-R” has expired.

As noted by a source in the rocket and space industry, the cause of the loss of control could be the failure of the third backup set of the receiving / transmitting device.

Earlier it was reported that the satellite has stopped communicating since Thursday, but still hope that he was alive. About this research the head of the “Radioastron”, RAS corresponding member Yuri Kovalev wrote on his page in Facebook.

The data science space Observatory “Spektr-R” is intended for conducting fundamental astrophysical research in the international project “Radioastron” received permanent “residence” in open access https://t.co/lh2k16k3vD. pic.twitter.com/UFIDUaOzML

— ROSCOSMOS (@roscosmos) 16 APR 2018