The words of the Macron of a bummer, and caused the indignation of politicians in France

The words of the Macron of a bummer, and caused the indignation of politicians in France

PARIS, January 12. /TASS/. The opposition in France has criticized on Saturday the country’s President Emmanuel Macron, for his statements about the “lazy” French. This was announced by the radio station France Info, Le Figaro newspaper and Agence France-Presse.

The macron on Friday evening held at the Elysee Palace the annual bakers and confectioners, baking the traditional feast of the Epiphany “cake of kings”. Addressing them, the President, in particular, said: “Our young people need to be taught trades and were accustomed to the idea that efforts should be made to achieve something in life. Those riots that are currently happening in our society, often related to the fact that too many of our citizens believe that it is possible to achieve without putting effort in should work.”

“Too often people forget that in addition to the rights they enjoyed in the French Republic — and they, no less than in many other countries — there is also a duty of citizens”, — said the head of state.

The announcement was made a few hours before the ninth national day of protest, which is carried out in France, the “yellow jackets”, dissatisfied with the constant rise in prices and taxes, lack of measures to combat poverty. “Arrogant Royal nonsense” called the statement Rules member of National Assembly from the movement “non-aligned France” Alexis Corbiere, speaking on the TV channel BFM.

He stressed that therefore, the President makes clear that “the people who take to the streets, those who support the “yellow jackets”, bad work in my life.”

Olivier Faure, first Secretary of the French Socialist party wrote on Twitter: “When you hear this, it seems that this kind of false information and that the President just can’t do this way to add fuel to the fire at a time when the country is in such a strong tension. But then make sure — Yes, indeed, said so.”

In turn, the Florian Filippo, the leader of the party “Patriots”, and in the recent past, one of the main leaders of the far right National front, said that “Emmanuel macron once again deliberately insulted the French people.” “Do not make sufficient effort in his toil French nurses or mothers?”, he said on Twitter. “Not to be confused with a need for hard work and protection of the interests of the powerful of the world,” he wrote on his Twitter page, national Secretary of the French Communist party Fabien Roussel.