The Russians have the money psychics from the show. The revelations do not help

The Russians have the money psychics from the show. The revelations do not help

In the last few months journalists have rolled out a new batch of revelations “the battle of psychics”. This time the program took seriously threw a veil of anonymity and forced to speak on camera, though hidden, participants and winners of the show. Their recognition does not please the producers of “Battle”.

12 years ago on the Russian television there was “the Battle of psychics.” The transfer is firmly established as a factory for the production of charlatans, but this did not affect her presence on TV. “The battle of psychics” is still on TNT and even acquired side projects like “Psychics are investigating”. The media systematically prove that the authors of the mystical show of Russians lead by the nose, forcing them to believe in an afterlife and causing it to turn for help to the crooks. As participants, regular employees or such of the TV show get rich on gullible Russians — in the material “”.

Half — and you in the finals

Deaf village. The place where occurred the mysterious murder, frightening their detail. Rural cemetery stretches a chain of rural residents. They all followed one man, whose hands are covered with rings with large stones, or keep the mysterious pendulum. The head of the column the person is moving confidently ahead. He’s looking for the grave of the murdered, to contact his spirit and tell the gathered villagers and the whole country the details of what happened that terrible evening when he was brutally murdered. Methodically, weighing every word and vision from above, the victim sheds light on the nightmare that had to endure him before he died. Locals comes as a shock from these revelations, because the seer, the move puts what has been carefully hidden from prying eyes.

Looks like a typical mise-EN-scene of the “Battle of the psychics”, where people over 12 years surprise the audience with paranormal abilities. The problem is that the supernatural abilities they have. This is evidenced by a variety of media published in the last few months.

In fact, all participants of “Battle of psychics” moving through the show, with clues that you get from the editors of the transmission.

Further included acting, which helps as realistic as possible, and better artistically to beat the knowledge gained. This information was confirmed to journalists by former participants of the Battle and the editor involved in the organization of the shooting process.

“Doing” during the project will be negotiated during the casting stage, in conversation with the channel “360” argued one of the participants of the fourth season of the show. In 2008, the price of reaching the final, according to him, amounted to 450 thousand rubles. That is, the competitor can be sure that will not leave the screen of the Federal channel for several months. The amount is large, but some are ready to give it, knowing that the money will quickly defend ourselves after the show. For example: consultation of Ziraddin Rzayev, who took second place in the sixth season of “the Battle” (also 2008), worth a thousand euros (77 million rubles at the current exchange rate). The course of treatment it will cost from 5 thousand Euro (EUR 386 thousand), and business consultation — 10 thousand euros (more than 770 thousand). A former teacher from Azerbaijan, made famous by the Russian TV show, has five apartments in Moscow and the mansion. He confirmed that the participants pay for hints about his confession yet to be told. As the source of “360” and Rzayev strongly doubt that the project involves real psychics.

Sure sure the former editor of “the Battle” Oleg Loskutov, who was involved in the filming of the first season.

He says he took an active part in the auditions and personally handed out to the contestants clues. In addition, he invented legends for those whose stories gained super-powers seemed to him insufficiently spectacular.

With the filing of the writers of the future TV stars were hereditary clairvoyants or several times endured clinical death.

“Say, man sitting in front of me. Ask: “How did you become a psychic?” “I have a stomach ache, and I helped himself. Realized that can heal.” I say: “we Need to come up with a beautiful story. For example: “it was night, I’m driving, and suddenly, boom — crash. Was a clinical death, and when I woke up, I realized that I hear and see”,” so, clean slate, as if on a conveyor belt, at the stage of casting was written fictional story “the battle of psychics”.

But one legend is not enough. The ideal candidate for the role participant of the “Battle” you need to have a telegenic and able to “give a show”. Therefore, in the project are only artistic people who know how to stay in the frame.

Often they come from the actor’s environment, such as, for example, one of the brightest heroines Julie Wang (real name Julia Gavrikova).

According to Loskutov, you can not buy only a pack at the casting, but also by the piece. As a rule, they are sent in advance via e-mail. At first, fixed costs did not exist. A former employee recalls that for assistance in the successful passage of the test received an average of 40 thousand rubles. In the fourth season he was paid 30 thousand for the test and 300 thousand for the finals. Price was formed only in 2011. Successful completion of the test was estimated at two thousand dollars (at the current rate of 133 thousand). Semi-finals in the first season was worth 450, and 600 to 700 thousand rubles. “This is not a very large sum, because one psychic is a finalist fought off 170 thousand rubles,” — said the former writer.

The editors had another perk. So, Loskutov recalled how after the victory of Natalia’s Neck, which he “conducted” throughout the first season, walked at the Banquet hosted by her command to the crew. During Sabantui he said he would like to go on vacation, in response to what he held out a heavy envelope. “I know that other members of the project told participants. In the third season of one of the editors went home on a brand new car,” not the secret of the former the author of the program.