The number of victims of “swine flu” in Georgia has reached 15 people

The number of victims of “swine flu” in Georgia has reached 15 people

In Georgia the number of victims of “swine flu” has reached 15 people. On 11 January reportstass with reference to the Director of the National centre for disease control, Ministry of health of Georgia Amiran Gamkrelidze.

Only in recent days after infection with the H1N1 virus died two people.

As noted by Gamkrelidze, the reason for panic. He added that the presence of symptoms does not need to self-medicate, it is better to consult a doctor. According to statistics of the Ministry of health of Georgia, in most cases, the cause of death was too late to appeal to professionals.

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According to local TV channel 1TV, hospitals are more than 800 people, 44 of them in serious condition.

Due to the spread of the flu virus in some clinics of Georgia has announced a quarantine entry is restricted. With January 7 five agencies for the provision of primary health care in Tbilisi, working in extended mode — from 10.00 to 22.00 local time, Jan 8 — around the clock.

Classes in schools of Georgia will not begin on 15 January as it was supposed earlier, and on 21 Jan.

The Minister of health of Georgia David Sergeenko stated that from January 12, antivirus ill medicines are issued to citizens free of charge. He added that “the cost of free distribution of these anti-viral medicines will be reimbursed at the expense of subsidies of the state.”