Limitations in the gifts will not affect doctors and teachers, promised in the Cabinet

Limitations in the gifts will not affect doctors and teachers, promised in the Cabinet

MOSCOW, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. Limitations in gifts, which will be put to officials in Russia, will not affect doctors and teachers, the provisions of the bill will clarify to avoid misinterpretation, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy head of the government of the Russian Federation Andrey Loginov.

In the framework of the national plan for countering corruption in 2018-2020 the government submitted to the Duma a package of bills that among other things regulates the rules on gifts to certain categories of persons. applies to all members of the Federation Council, state Duma deputies, deputies or members of an elective body of local self-government bodies, other persons occupying the state posts of the Russian Federation, of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, state and municipal employees, employees of the Central Bank and workers organizations established for performing the tasks set to the Federal state authorities, authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local self-government.

“Teachers, social workers, doctors and other technical and medical personnel are really working in the organizations subordinated to state bodies of constituent entities and bodies of local self-government, and perform tasks assigned to them.” — said Loginov.

Will apply to them all the restrictions that are intended to officials — officials? I just say — there are hotheads who propose to distribute them to the watchmen, cleaners and Technicals. I don’t think it is possible to agree with this.Andrew Loginusername chief of staff of the government of the Russian Federation

He stressed that restrictions on the gifts made to counter corruption, which the law understands the specific actions of officials in connection with the exercise of official authority abuse of official position, bribery, receiving a bribe, commercial bribery and so on.

“If we suddenly want somehow to restrict teachers, doctors donations, we would have to make changes either to the law “About education”, or to the law “On healthcare”, but not in the anti-corruption legislation. Therefore, the statement that doctors and teachers are now forbidden to give gifts — no more than a speculation,” — said Loginov.

NewsDoctors and teachers told the government what to do except to fight with gifts

He recalled today that the current article 575 of the RF Civil code allows the possibility of obtaining the usual gifts are not more expensive than 3 thousand roubles, to workers of medical, educational, educational institutions, social welfare institutions and other similar institutions by citizens who are in them are either in education or in the care or under supervision, as well as from their relatives.

“When I began this article, this amount is roughly equivalent to $ 100. Today the situation is different, but this amount easy to fit and a box of chocolates, and a bottle of champagne, a book and a bouquet of flowers. This rule is always acted. Now offered to complement its clarification “except for the cases established by law”, and some interpreted this as a desire to impose restrictions in the matter of gifts,” — said the Agency interlocutor.