In Italy staged a concert on ice (video)

In Italy staged a concert on ice (video)

The audience listened to the music when sub-zero temperatures.

In the North of Italy in the town of di Legno on an altitude of 2,600 metres, has created a unique concert hall made of ice and snow. In its form it resembles an Igloo, the traditional home of the Inuit.

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Inside is constantly maintained below freezing and everything to ensure that music lovers could enjoy a concert played on instruments made of ice.

The inspirer and the main organizer of the project was sculptor and musician Tim Linhart. For three months he created an ice violin, guitar, drums, cello and xylophone.

In total, the concert attended by 16 unique instruments, and the musicians admit that they play them very strange and difficult. But it is clearly worth it. The orchestra has already played 60 concerts, in a program which is both classic and contemporary works.

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