A course to defeat aircraft, violators of the state border will be allowed to shoot down

A course to defeat aircraft, violators of the state border will be allowed to shoot down

The aircraft with passengers if its intentional collapse will lead to environmental disaster or mass death of people.

Civilian planes with passengers on Board, violated the air border of Russia, will allow to bring down. This is stated in the draft government resolution developed by the Ministry of defense. The document will allow to open fire on the aircraft-to the infringer, if there is a real danger that his intentional crash will lead to environmental catastrophe, mass death of people or destruction of strategic objects. This will allow including to prevent terrorist attacks related to the hijacking. Such measures are consistent with international experience, including in the U.S., experts say.

The defense Ministry has developed a draft government resolution “About the order of application of weapons and military equipment under the protection of the state border of the Russian Federation in the airspace of the Russian Federation” (document is at the disposal of “Izvestia”). It spelled out the algorithm of actions of the Armed forces, if the border break the plane, the deliberate collapse of which could lead to environmental disasters mass death of people or destruction of strategic objects. The text of the document is at the stage of interagency coordination.

The existing law “On countering terrorism” allows you to shoot down any civilian aircraft in the airspace of the Russian Federation, if they do not follow the rules of its use, are not subject to the requirements of the landing or route change and their actions can lead to massive loss of life or environmental disaster. First and foremost we are talking about the ships caught in no-fly zones.

Thus the current decision of the government of the Russian Federation “On weapons… in the airspace” of 1994 prohibits to shoot down planes — infringers of the state border, if it is known that on Board there are passengers.

— The new instrument should address these differences, — told “Izvestia” military expert Vladislav Shurigin. They were laid out in the legislation after a loud international scandal associated with the destruction of the Soviet air force of the South Korean Boeing violated the airspace of the country in 1983.

Under the control of the VKS

In the new draft resolution said that the state border of Russia in the airspace protect connection Air-space forces (VKS), military districts and fleet on combat duty in air defense. They first meet offenders.

According to the document, at detection of such unidentified aircraft the forces on duty will immediately be brought to readiness No. 1, and then combat planes and helicopters will take to the air and controls the flight of the Unified system of air traffic management will join the military to help classify the intruder.

A high alert will be declared if a potential intruder will be close to the state border at a distance of 50 km or less (for the Eastern military district — 100 km, to border coastal strip of 150 km).

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The forces on duty will immediately alert the flight crew of the aircraft about its possible entry into the airspace of the Russian Federation and help to restore the orientation. If necessary to specify to the airfield for an emergency landing. If the offender cannot establish radio contact, the pilots videoconferencing using visual cues inform about the navigational error and the necessary further actions.

Civil and military transport vessels, the crews of which refuses to comply with radio – and visual commands, first try to expel outside the airspace or forced to land at the airfield. If the offender still continued to fly, the aircraft of VC will take on and lead to the area where it will intercept.