Ukrainian military stole a player from Crimea

Ukrainian military stole a player from Crimea

MOSCOW, January 10 — RIA Novosti. In Kherson the staff of a local military registration and enlistment office stole arrived from the Crimea the young man and tried to send him to the Ukrainian army. About it on air of radio “Kuresh” said Ismail Khalikov, who is the representative of the Commissioner for human rights in the Crimea, appointed authorities in Kiev.

According to him, the young man, being a professional footballer, arrived in Kherson with the aim to get a job at a local football club “Crystal” or “Tavriya”. The incident was reported the mother of the 20-year-old kidnapped, which he was able to get through, taking advantage of the temporary absence of the representatives of the Kherson military.

“The guy is 20 years at 8:00 am went to the ATB shop in Kherson. He was approached by two men and asked how old he is, where he’s from and was serving in the army. He replied that he was 20 years old, in the army he served, and told that he came from the Crimea. They took him by the hand, put in the car and closed it,” said Khalikov.

The kidnappers, according to Khalikov, was the staff of the Kherson city military enlistment office. They brought a young man to the military enlistment office and was sent for a medical examination. “He really, in his words, was only the dentist and the optometrist, and everything else he put a gun, all the seals”, he added.

According to him, the actions of the military were documented, and the complaint sent to the military Prosecutor’s office.