The twentieth case in three days. As robbing Russian tourists

The twentieth case in three days. As robbing Russian tourists

MOSCOW, January 10 — RIA Novosti, Svetlana Baeva. “Because of the habit of carrying documents with him, I lost all,” says Hope Surgina from Kursk. In the past holidays she was robbed in Barcelona. “This is the twentieth case in three days,” said the Consul of Russia in Spain.

How to protect yourself from theft abroad and what to do if this happened — in the material RIA Novosti.

Escape from the “helper”

“We rented a car in Barcelona airport. The Spaniards are very welcoming and friendly, so when on the road we blinked the driver of the next car, showing signs that we have something with the rear wheel, we stopped on the roadside, restores the course of events Hope Surgina. Friendly motorist jumped out from behind the wheel and began to Bang on our wheel, something quick and anxious to speak. Then abruptly hurried to his car. I looked on the seat — the window is open, no bags, and the car thief is quickly removed on the highway”.

The newsMenu to order and to pay

In Italy, a traveler from Australia also robbed responsive local resident, volunteered to help. Mary Wallace wanted to use the ATM in the center of Rome. To see the screen was difficult because of the sun. “A tall man came up and began to help me to withdraw money,” says Mary. After his “help” she lost the card and the money in the account.

The second time in 48 hours Mary suffered from pickpockets in crowded bus. It is also one of the most common cases. In addition, often the thieves on scooters or motorcycles pulls off a shoulder bag and leave.

The police — always!

Twice lost their money to Mary advises to have access to international calls from mobile phone to immediately contact the Bank and block the card and keep a backup card out of the wallet.

Hope Surgina lost not only money, but also of all documents: driver’s license, two passports, business licenses, vehicle documents, Bank cards and keys:

At the police station we spent four and a half hours, she says. — On a wooden bench along the wall we whiled away hours in the company of violently gesticulating, the transvestite and his girlfriends, the homeless, the Chinese, a pair of anxious Spaniards and a group of tourists with suitcases.

She emphasizes that to contact the police is a must. “Protocol will require at the Consulate and you can ask at passport control on leaving the country, she explains. — Inspect the surroundings of the scene. Often the thieves take money, a bag with documents discarded.”

In France, tourists from Japan was robbed of seven thousand euros in cash. Two hours later the police managed to apprehend the thieves.