The police don’t see themselves in the funeral procession

The police don’t see themselves in the funeral procession

Law enforcement officers denied participation in parting with criminal authority “Sarubai”.

The chief of Department of police of the Amur region Igor Maples did not participate in the funeral of a resident of Amursk Yury Zarubina, reported on Thursday a press-service UMVD across Khabarovsk territory. Thus, the police refuted earlier in social networks comments to videos in which the author claimed that in the course of the processions in the city, the guards blocked the road, while allegedly carrying the coffin of the chief of police helped the district attorney’s office.

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January 8 in the city of Amursk of Khabarovsk territory have passed funeral of a local crime boss Yuri Zarubin, known as “Zaruba”. Published a video filmed as the road is a procession of several hundred people who came to say goodbye to the kingpin.

In the accompanying video review, it was alleged that the police had blocked car traffic, and the funeral was attended by many senior police officers.

According to traffic police, the streets on Tuesday in Amursk law enforcement authorities do not overlap. “The participants of the procession tried to do it, but the police these attempts stopped and gave the violators protocols for traffic violations,” — said the press service of the regional police. According to the interlocutor of Kommersant, the Agency will consider the possibility of going to court with the claim about protection of honor and dignity.

The chief a press-services GU of the Ministry of internal Affairs across Khabarovsk territory Irina Schegolev said that the presence of the chief of police in the Siberian district Igor maple at the funeral untrue. In office of public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory has also denied participation in the ceremony of the Prosecutor Vyacheslav Khan, who, as explained in the office that day was in Khabarovsk.

Announced its presence at the funeral of the security forces, the citizen has already been installed. As have informed in a press-service UMVD, he was a local resident who consists on the account in police. He was invited to talk to the police, but to explain his action, he could not.